Meet Tim

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This is another installment in a series where we will introduce some of our members. These are the up-and-coming leaders of our Fraternity. These are men from all walks of life. Fathers, sons, husbands… and we all call each other Brothers. These are just some of the stories behind Denver Lodge No.5.

Meet Tim McDowell.

Tim grew up in Pennsylvania, went to culinary school in New England, and arrived in Colorado on July 4th, 1999. The mountains were calling and he’s never looked back! He is an avid cyclist, snowboarder, cinephile, and cook. He has degrees in the Culinary Arts, Film Studies, and Business Management. Tim is an entrepreneur at heart and has worked for himself for over a decade. Tim, his wife Lisa, and son Sylvan live in Denver, CO. He became a Freemason in April of 2018 at Denver Lodge No.5. Both of his Grandfathers were Freemasons in Pennsylvania. The tenets of Freemasonry have helped him become a better husband, father and to find the balance of work/life.

D5 is lucky to have Tim as Junior Warden this year. Say hi to him at our next meeting.