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This is another installment in a series where we will introduce some of our members. These are the up-and-coming leaders of our Fraternity. These are men from all walks of life. Fathers, sons, husbands… and we all call each other Brothers. These are just some of the stories behind Denver Lodge No.5.

Meet Brother Jonny Aderhold a Colorado native. Born in 1975, Jonny grew up in Greeley Colorado then moved to Denver Colorado at the age of 10.

In Jonny’s early years he was interested in music while training to become a black belt in Taekwondo.

Jonny’s interest in music grew as he played with multiple musical groups some of which can be heard here under the alias Jonny Maze.

Jonny and his wife Adi have two children oldest named Xander and youngest Breanna. They currently live in Parker Colorado. Jonny is head of the IT department for the University of Denver’s Athletics Division where he’s been for over 16 years.

Jonny became a Freemason March 21st 2013 at Denver lodge No. 5. Becoming a brother within this Fraternity was important to Jonny after studying it’s history and having ties to the Fraternity through his Grandfather. Because of this, he has met Brothers for life.

Say hi to him at our next meeting.