January 2023 Trestleboard

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Greetings from the East!   

   I am excited to be your Worshipful Master for the 2023 year.  The installation ceremony was a blast and I thank everyone who came out and worked hard to make it happen.  There are a whole host of events planned for this next year.  Many great education nights, district lecture workshop, fellowship fun nights, an outrageous summer picnic and Masonica in the fall.  All this while maintaining our excellent degree work and charitable causes.  Stay on the look out for fun events and opportunities to help out at Denver 5.  Starting January 1st the applications for student scholarships will be available on the Denver 5 website.   If you will be sponsoring a student please make sure they turn in all the required information to be considered for scholarship and note the deadline for submission is March 31st, 2023.

The first meeting  January 5th  I will lay out my plans for the year in greater detail, introduce committees and their goals, we will hear a FC proficiency and prepare for the Grand Lodge annual communication happening Jan 26th – Jan 28th.   Please plan on attending this meeting and get involved we have a lot of work to do!  RSVP for dinner here.

The second meeting  January 19th lodge will open early at 5:30 to take care of business.  The rest of the night will be our big Denver 5 dinner celebration.  Stay on the look out for further reminders of this event.  We are going big with this one, don’t miss out!   We expect a great turn out to capacity. Reserve your spot before its full by RSVPing here.

We have a couple brothers that have been waiting patiently to receive their third degree.   I will be putting together the cast list this month, feel free to let me know if you will participate.  I will be reaching out as well. My email is Brycummings@comcast.net.  We will have a practice Jan 25th and one again in February the night before the degree. Even if you know your part well it is super helpful to practice the parts in unison so do your best to attend the practices.

Many hands make light work!  I look forward to laboring together with my Brothers.

Warmly and Fraternally,

WM. Bryan Cummings