Meet Joshua R

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This is another installment in a series where we will introduce some of our members. These are the up-and-coming leaders of our Fraternity. These are men from all walks of life. Fathers, sons, husbands… and we all call each other Brothers. These are just some of the stories behind Denver Lodge No.5.

We’ll let Josh introduce himself.

I grew up in Thornton, spent my college years in Boulder, and now live in Denver. I grew up spending my summers with my grandparents camping in the mountains. As such I have a nostalgic feeling about the mountains and hope to spend time exploring all they have to offer. I recently started traveling, which has ignited an interest in exploring and learning about other cultures.  My first trip outside of the Americas was to Southeast Asia, and I will admit I now have the travel bug. My next destination is Europe, and I plan on attending a few soccer games as that is my favorite sport to watch.

Josh had been a great addition to D5 and we’re always happy to see him. Say hi to him at our next meeting.