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This is another installment in a series where we will introduce some of our members. These are the up-and-coming leaders of our Fraternity. These are men from all walks of life. Fathers, sons, husbands… and we all call each other Brothers. These are just some of the stories behind Denver Lodge No.5.

Ray Loomis is a husband and father of two. His Daughter Bailey is 8 and Son Blake is 3. He lives in the quiet town of Elizabeth where he also home offices. He works for Thomson Reuters in the legal marketing space. He help attorneys from Denver to Pueblo build their online brand and attract new clients through a wide range of online advertising.

Originally from Ohio, he has had one foot in both states since 1984. Colorado has been his primary home since 2004. When not working he spends his time dating his wife, skiing as much as possible, sport shooting, and playing with his kids. He is also handy with his steel, not just any geek off the street, earns his keep.

We love having Ray and it’s always a huge pleasure seeing him at Lodge. 

Say hi to him at our next meeting.