October 2022 Trestleboard

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Greetings from the East!

Congratulations to our newest EAs and a big thank you to the degree team who put in the work to make the degree excellent! Also, congratulations to the brothers who put in the hard work to become proficient on various degrees. We’re looking forward to putting on your degrees next!! This cooler weather and turning leaves are definitely putting me in the holiday mood and it’s hard to believe that our Masonic year is just about over but there is still work to be done!!

Our first meeting on Oct. 6th, W.B Aaron Klostermeyer will be presenting a lecture/discussion on the symbolism of the EA working tools (and how symbols work in general.) Since we just initiated two new brothers, I feel this will be very informative and we can all do well to remember the meaning of our working tools. Please RSVP for dinner.

Our second meeting on Oct. 20th, we will be putting on a Fellowcraft degree. If you’d like a part or want to present a lecture, please reach out to Bro. Bryan Cummings S.W. Remember we always love a volunteer! Please RSVP for dinner.

A heads up for November. Our first meeting Nov. 3rd, is Denver 5s heritage night. we’re celebrating 163 years of fellowship. This meeting will be an open meeting so please please please bring your friends and family along. just be sure to RSVP so we can make sure there’s enough food to go around.

Fraternally yours,
James Bechtel